Chapter 40 (1/2)

In the office, Ye Feng immediately asked a few more questions. Liang Yue answered all of them fluently, especially when it came to the business questions. She was so skillful that it was surprising.

“She is indeed capable.”

Ye Feng silently sighed in admiration and ended the interview for today.

As he watched Liang Yue leave, Ye Feng tidied up the table, took out the second resume, and quietly waited for the next interviewee.

At 7pm.

After sending off the last interviewee with a smile, Ye Feng yawned and stretched.

He had gone through five resumes. This was the result of today’s interviews.

He had interviewed a secretary, a human resource manager, two finance staff, and one logistics staff respectively.

He would only personally interview candidates for these important positions.

Then, he pursed his lips and decided to go downstairs to buy a bottle of water.

After sitting in the office for an entire afternoon, not only did his back hurt, his mouth was also a little dry.

Then, he took the time to call Zhao Zhen and ask him to come over when he was free. However, just as he was about to go downstairs, he saw two workers rushing over.

“Stop for a moment.” Ye Feng felt that they looked familiar, so he stopped them. “Are you Xu Tiancheng’s employees?”

The two workers hurriedly nodded.

“Why are you still at the office so late at night? Besides, aren’t you already done with work?”

One of the workers was a little embarrassed. “I suddenly remembered that I forgot to paste the labels in the toilet, so…”

“It’s not easy for you guys. It’s already so late and you still have to come back to work.” Ye Feng looked at the time and waved his hand. “It’s just pasting labels, right? Give it to me. I’ll do it. You guys can get off work.”

The two workers thanked him profusely. Then, they handed him the labels in their hands and left.


Ye Feng shook his head, opened the door of the office, and walked towards the toilet.

It wouldn’t take long to paste the labels. It was not too late to buy a bottle of water after pasting the labels either.

“Boss Ye, what are you doing?”

When Zhao Zhen arrived, he saw Ye Feng standing on a stool. He seemed to be gesturing at the washroom door.

“You’re here?”

Ye Feng turned around and smiled. “Let’s go to the office. I have something to tell you.”

In the office, Ye Feng casually put down the labels in his hand and asked, “What do you think of Qi Yun?”

“He’s not bad.” Zhao Zhen pondered for a moment and said, “He knows his limits and is very steady. Furthermore, he doesn’t put on airs when dealing with his employees.”

Ye Feng nodded. After getting an answer, he continued, “It’s like this. I plan to promote him to the manager of the Tianda branch. What do you think?”

“The manager?”

When Zhao Zhen heard this, he was a little surprised. “The Tianda branch is already quite mature in its processes. Thus, there is no problem with Qi Yun becoming the manager.”

“However, I thought that you would be hiring someone else from outside the company.”

“I won’t. If there’s a chance, I’ll still leave the promotion opportunities for our own staff.”

Ye Feng shook his head. He had to be clear about this. When it came to some positions of leadership, he would definitely not allow a high-ranking staff member to be transferred to a lower-ranking position if possible.

After all, the company would only be full of energy if its employees saw the hope of promotion.

“If that’s the case,” Ye Feng said, “invite him out tonight and talk to him. Then, hand over the work in the shop as soon as possible.”


“Old Zhao, congratulations. You are going to be promoted to the position of General Manager!”

Zhao Zhen’s promotion was inevitable. With the establishment of more Hedilao branches, it was impossible for him to remain as the branch manager.

It would be too much of a waste to do so.

Zhao Zhen was stunned for a moment. Countless feelings momentarily welled up in his heart.

“What’s wrong? Are you unhappy?”

Ye Feng asked when he saw Zhao Zhen’s strange expression.

“Nothing much, I’m just feeling a little emotional.” Zhao Zhen lifted his head as if he was recalling something.

His encounters in Prosperous Flavor were still vivid in his mind. In the blink of an eye, things had changed completely.

Twenty days ago, he would never have thought that this day would come.

What state was he in then?

After being kicked out, he was disheartened. He let himself loose and even got drunk to drown his sorrows.

But now, not only did he get promoted, he had even met a boss who trusted him completely.

“In twenty days, the world has changed so quickly.”

When he heard Zhao Zhen’s words, Ye Feng was slightly moved.

That was right.