Chapter 26 (1/2)

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In the afternoon…

Li Xin comfortably enjoyed the air conditioner and casually said to his secretary, “Ask Manager Wu how many members are currently registered.”

The secretary placed a plate of sliced watermelon in front of Li Xin and picked up her phone to make a call.

A moment later, the secretary hung up the phone, but her face was a little pale.

“What’s wrong?”

Li Xin had a bad feeling when he saw his secretary’s expression.

The secretary answered carefully, “Manager Wu said that the number of registered members… is only 180.”


Li Xinteng stood up. “Why are there so few members?”

After all, it had been half a day.

Although nighttime was the peak period for hotpot customers, based on the current results, even if the restaurant closed at night, the number of members would not exceed 250.

At the Prosperous Flavor Tianda Branch…

A middle-aged man in a suit was sweating profusely as he explained, “President Li, it’s like this. It’s because the promotional activities at Hedilao have started…”

“Furthermore, for each top-up, they are giving away an equal amount of credits as part of their opening benefits.”

“I’m not making excuses… yes, yes, it’s my negligence at work…”

“I’ll make a review, I promise…”

After hanging up the phone, Manager Wu looked like he had just eaten feces.

“Damn, how can I achieve 270 registered members!”

“This Li Xin has really eaten sh*t. If he doesn’t give me the resources, how am I going to compete with Hedilao?”

Then, Manager Wu remembered what Li Xin said over the phone and felt irritated.

It was like wanting a horse to run, but not giving the horse any grass to eat. Was Li Xin crazy?

“We can only falsely report the number of members.”

They could not increase the number of members for nothing, but they could use fake numbers. For example, if they had pulled in 50 fake members, they could say that they had only pulled in 30 people.

“Little Wang, Little Wang.”

Despite having made his decision, he was still a little upset. “Hurry up and give out the flyers outside. Tell them not to slack off!”

Little Wang was the head waiter of the shop. When he heard this, he immediately ran out.

Li Xin smiled.

Hedilao had used their ultimate move the moment they arrived.

“It looks like Zhao Zhen’s work.”

However, he didn’t expect that this wasn’t from Zhao Zhen, but Ye Feng.

For each top-up amount, they would give away the same amount of credits. Li Xin dared to do this as well. At most, it would only cost over 100,000 yuan. Prosperous Flavor could afford it!

Li Xin could accept paying this price during a commercial competition.


The flyers had already been given out for a week. Putting aside the question of how to compensate the users who had already registered for a membership card, if they changed their advertising plan just because of Hedilao, they would be at a disadvantage.

After pondering for a moment, Li Xin said, “Inform the employees of Tianda branch to promote their membership cards and set a hard benchmark for them.”

“At the same time, after our branch opening activities have ended…”

“If the number of valid registrations surpasses 800, each employee will be rewarded with 500 yuan. The head waiter will be rewarded with 800 yuan, while the manager will be paid 1,200 yuan!”

“If the number of valid registrations surpasses 500, each employee will be rewarded with 300 yuan. The head waiter will be rewarded with 500 yuan, while the manager will be paid 800 yuan!”

“At the same time, the employee who promotes the most membership cards will receive a one-time bonus of 700 yuan!”


“Customize a set of vouchers that give a 100 yuan discount with a minimum spend of 200 yuan. The number of vouchers will be limited to 200 a day. Distribute them for three days in a row to the customers who have finished spending for the day!”

“These vouchers will be distributed the day before the opening of Hedilao. As for the duration…”

Li Xin’s eyes lit up. “We will distribute the vouchers for as long as Hedilao conducts their branch opening activities!”

“Zhao Zhen…”

“If you can use your ultimate move, why can’t I?”