Chapter 24 (1/2)

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“How many days are left until we open?” Ye Feng asked over the phone.

“Maybe next week.”

Zhao Zhen replied to him.


Ye Feng nodded.

This period of time was the exam period in Quan City University, so Ye Feng was focused on revision.

Therefore, it could be said that college students were indeed the smartest people in the world. They could learn the content of the entire semester in a month.

This was the pinnacle of their lives.

“What about Prosperous Flavor?”

Ye Feng was also concerned about the progress of his competitor. “I think their renovations are about to come to an end.”

Zhao Zhen said, “Yes, they are going to open at around the same time as us.”

“Okay, keep an eye on them. Also, please hire a professional management company to handle the pollution from the renovation.”

Many companies cut corners on the management of pollution from renovation in order to profit. In fact, some companies did not even do it at all.

However, Ye Feng didn’t plan on doing that. As long as it was within his capabilities, he still wanted to run a business with a conscience.

“By the way, I transferred two million yuan into the company’s account. If there’s anything you need to spend in the early stages, you can decide for yourself as long as it’s less than 500,000 yuan. You don’t have to seek approval for everything.”

After interacting with him for some time, Ye Feng discovered that Zhao Zhen was a rather reliable person. Thus, he loosened the restrictions on Zhao Zhen’s financial authority slightly.

Over the phone, Zhao Zhen was a little surprised. Although 500,000 yuan was not a lot, it was a huge sum compared to two million yuan.

After hanging up, Ye Feng continued to look at his revision notes.

He was not in a hurry to do the publicity. After all, it would not be too late to do it three days before the opening of his store.

The plan was to start from the university campus and hire some university students to distribute flyers. The salary was set at 50 yuan a day.

In 2010, handing out flyers for 50 yuan a day was a reasonable price.

There was a saying that…

One couldn’t hire a migrant worker for 50 yuan, but one could definitely hire a university student.

However, things always went beyond his expectations. Just as Ye Feng was about to start his publicity plan, he suddenly realized that Prosperous Flavor’s flyers were already flying everywhere.

He asked the university student beside him for a flyer and looked at the content.

“Prosperous Flavor, a first-rate chain in Quan City…”

“Major opening! Our opening date is…”

“For our returning customers, we will give free credits for each top-up. If you top-up 700 yuan, we’ll give you 100 yuan. If you top-up 1,000 yuan, we’ll give you 200 yuan…”

“It’s a hotpot restaurant owned by the people of Quan City. We’re waiting for you to taste it.”

It had to be said that the promotional flyers for Prosperous Flavor were quite good. Giving away free credits for each top-up was extremely important in this era.

However, what Ye Feng was really concerned about was the opening date.

It was 20 July.

“They’re actually a full four days faster than us?”

When he saw this date, Ye Feng was somewhat surprised.

Ever since his exams ended, Ye Feng had placed all his attention on his new store.

Because of this, he had even specially applied to remain at school during the vacation.

It could be said that he had four to five hours a day to check the renovation progress of his new shop.

Hence, he was very clear about the renovation progress of Prosperous Flavor. No matter what, they couldn’t possibly be fur days faster than Hedilao.

Thus, Ye Feng hurriedly called Zhao Zhen.

“Brother Zhao, have you seen Prosperous Flavor’s flyer?”


Unexpectedly, Zhao Zhen seemed to have already known about this. “He’s going to open his shop four days earlier than us. That Li Xin!”

Zhao Zhen’s tone was very gloomy and he seemed to be in a bad mood.

Ye Feng’s eyes darted around. “So, you know why Prosperous Flavor can open early?”

If he knew the reason, he might be able to imitate them.

“Yes!” Zhao Zhen replied. “They have canceled the pollution management segment. I think their shop has already started the final cleanup!”