Chapter 15 (1/2)

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After three rounds of drinks and five dishes…

Wang Xiang rubbed his big belly and burped comfortably, but his eyes flashed with brilliance.

“Boss Zhao, as the saying goes, one never visits unless they need something. Now that we’ve had our fill, it’s time to talk.”

Instead of calling him Old Zhao, he chose a more formal title.

Zhao Zhen understood what he meant. He knew that his chance had come.

“I can’t hide anything from you.”

Zhao Zhen smiled as he poured a glass of wine for Wang Xiang and said in a relaxed tone, “I recently resigned from Prosperous Flavor and went to another hotpot restaurant. However, we’re still lacking a supplier for now, so I thought of you.”

Wang Xiang seemed to have expected this. He was not surprised when he heard this, but there was an apologetic look in his eyes.

Zhao Zhen sensed that something was wrong.

“Boss Zhao.” Wang Xiang sighed. “President Li from Prosperous Flavor just established a one-year supply agreement with me today.”

“Furthermore, the price of this agreement is 5% higher than normal…”

Wang Xiang did not finish his sentence, but both sides were smart people. Thus, they could understand some things easily.

Li Xin was such a selfish person. How could he suddenly raise the price?

“President Li is a smart person. He knew that you would come to me.”

Wang Xiang patted Zhao Zhen’s shoulder and raised his wine glass before downing it in one gulp. “This time, I’ve let you down.”

“We can raise the price too.”

After a moment of silence, Zhao Zhen spoke.

“It’s not that simple, is it?”

Wang Xiang had no intention of being moved.

In business, one had to have a long-term vision. Furthermore, in terms of both size and future prospects, this additional 5% from Prosperous Flavor was far more important than having Hedilao as a partner.

The air suddenly turned silent and the situation became a little awkward.

Then, Wang Xiang stood up. He couldn’t drink with Zhao Zhen anymore.

“Old Wang.”

However, Zhao Zhen poured himself a glass of wine and said, “Seven years ago, when your business was in trouble, I was the one who chose to cooperate with you.”

Zhao Zhen raised his glass and finished it in one gulp. Then, he refilled his glass and continued, “Four years ago, another competitor framed you. I was also the one who testified on your behalf and prevented you from being blacklisted.”

After finishing the wine in his cup once again, Zhao Zhen’s eyes became a little dazed.

“Last year, your father-in-law got into a car accident. I was the one who went to Shanghai to hire an expert for you.”

When Zhao Zhen raised his glass again, a pair of large hands grabbed him.

Then, Wang Xiang took the cup and said seriously, “Old Zhao, if you say that, I won’t be able to leave today.”

“I should drink with you.”


Zhao Zhen grinned and pointed at Wang Xiang, his tone full of confidence. “I knew that you aren’t someone who is without a conscience!”

“I really wish I didn’t have a conscience. After all, money can be earned again if it’s gone. But if I lose my conscience…”

“Then I’ll earn even more.”

Wang Xiang touched his greasy hair and smiled bitterly. “Looks like I won’t be able to earn this 5% from President Li.”

Meanwhile, in a private room at Yanghe Hotel…

The members of Dormitory 7012 were filled with joy and harmony.

Ye Feng’s hair was stained with some cake that someone had smashed on him. Meanwhile, the other three also showed traces of battle.

“Brothers, I can’t take it anymore. I’ll go to the toilet first.”

Fan Jiawei stood up and staggered out.

Outside the private room, the cold wind woke Fan Jiawei up a little. He touched his warm face and looked in the other direction.

There was a private room over there, where his fellow members of the student union were sitting.

However, Fan Jiawei had no intention of walking over. After all, he knew very well who the star of today was.

Thus, he changed directions and headed for the toilet.

However, Fan Jiawei didn’t notice that there were two figures smoking by the railing in the corner.