Chapter 2 (1/2)

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What did 50 million mean?

If this amount was converted into bank notes, it would weigh about 550 kilograms. If converted into coins, it would fill an entire house.

This meant that he did not have to worry about food or clothing. This meant that he had freedom of wealth. This meant that… he had unlimited possibilities.

At this moment, Ye Feng felt slightly choked up.

After all, this was the first time he felt like he was in control of his life after transmigrating.

He did not have to go with the flow, did not have to watch opportunities pass by, and did not have to rack his brains to accumulate starting capital.

He had earned some money over the years, but it was not enough to change his life. However, he could now do whatever he wanted.

Ye Feng rubbed his nose and firmly pressed his phone against his chest.

He was only 20 years old now and was in his first year of university. He had just arrived in a big city from the small county where his family was from.

The excitement had just begun.

“Liu He.”

Ye Feng suddenly raised his head and pointed into the distance. “How much do you think a villa over there costs?”

“I’m not sure about the exact cost.” Liu He shrugged and said, “But I know that the villa costs about five million yuan.”

“Over five million…”

Ye Feng silently muttered this number in his heart.

This was the most high-end district in Quan City. Many people had dreamed of living here for their entire lives. However, with Ye Feng’s current wealth, he could buy close to ten villas in one go.

“However, it’s a pity that the money is from a startup fund that I can’t use casually.”


A thought flashed through Ye Feng’s mind. “If I establish a random company and pay my own salary, that seems to be fine too, right?”

After all, the only rule was that he had to start a business… However, there was no mention of what exactly he had to do.

However, this thought only flashed through his mind before Ye Feng quickly tossed it to the back of his mind.

Perhaps he could live a carefree life through this method.

However, since the heavens had given him a chance, if he didn’t fight a dynamic battle, wouldn’t he have lived his life in vain?

“Starting a business… what should I do…”

In next to no time, Ye Feng fell into a dazed state.

It was now 2010. The channels for businesses to rise were still present, and the economy was beginning to recover.

Ye Feng felt that there were many ideas in his mind, but it also seemed as if he had no ideas. After all, his ideas were very vague, and he didn’t have the slightest clue as to how to organize them.

“How about starting a handphone business?”

“Even though it’s 2010, the Steve Jobs of this world seems to be a little more impressive. After all, smartphone technology has matured, and I don’t have the capital to enter the market.”

“How about discount software… No, Jingxixi1 already does that.”

“How about games…”

“At this moment, League1 seems to be in the open beta testing stage in Europe and America. It’s also going to go online in China soon. However, I don’t have any information on this, so I’m not very sure.”

“As for movies… This isn’t a bad idea, but over ten years have passed. I’ve already forgotten most of the popular films.”

“What about a novel website… There’s no Qidian1 in this world, but there’s Zhongdian2. Its level of development is also about the same as it was in 2010 during my previous life. I wonder if I can buy it for 50 million…”

After working for an entire afternoon, Ye Feng still did not come up with a plan.

He had gone through all kinds of professions, but he still hadn’t chosen his target.

Then, Ye Feng looked at the time on his phone and rubbed his stomach.

“I was too focused. I didn’t expect five hours to pass so quickly.”

He was in his early twenties and his vitality was at his peak. As he had only eaten a bowl of noodles for lunch, he was already a little hungry.

“It would be great if I could have some hotpot at this time. I can eat hotpot and sing while settling things…”

“Wait… hotpot?”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up.

At the mention of hotpot, he thought of a name that still left a deep impression on him even after more than ten years — “Haidilao”.